Mon. March 4, 2024

Guidelines for all referees:

Games will be self-assigned. For medal round games, referees must request to participate via your respective Regional Referee Admin, Asst. Regional Referee Admin, or Regional Commissioner and approved by the Area Referee Admin.

  • Youth referees are not permitted to participate as center in All-Star games.
  • Referee should not referee (Center) a game for his or her own region, if possible.
  • If the referee is the primary coach, they must not referee (Center) a game in his or her team’s age division or bracket.

Home teams and visiting teams shall wherever possible remain on separate halves of the field of play.

Coaches and players for both teams will be placed on the same side of the field on opposite sides of the halfway line. The spectators will be placed directly across the field behind the opposit touchline from their respective coach and players  There will be a 10 yard open space spanning the halfway line on the spectators’ touchline.

No person shall be behind or near goals or beyond the 18 yard penalty area line. No person shall stand, be seated, or loiter behind or near goals or between the 18-yard penalty area line and the goal line.

Game cards for all Area R tournament games shall be retained by the Referee or Field Coordinator and shall be forwarded for processing per the instructions of the Area Referee Administrator

Acceptance of a game ball(s) shall be at the discretion of the Referee.

Pool Play
• 10U-two 20 minute halves
• 12U-two 25 minute halves
• 14U-two 30 minute halves
• Half Time 5 minutes

Semi-Final, Final, and Consolation Games
• 10U-two 25 minute halves
• 12U-two 30 minute halves
• 14U-two 35 minute halves
• Half Time 10 minutes

Consolation and Final Game Overtime Periods (Played in full)
• 10U-two 5 minute periods
• 12U-two 6 minute periods
• 14U-two 7 minute periods

If tied at completion of overtime will proceed to kicks from the mark (penalty mark), per FIFA Laws of the Game.

The Referee shall allow a grace period of ten minutes maximum from the scheduled kick-off time before canceling any game.

When games previously in progress are running later than ten minutes from scheduled kick-off time, no grace period shall be allowed.


10U -12U

  • No heading of the ball is allowed.

Build Out Line (10U only)

  • Goalkeeper punts, drop kicks, and half-volleys are now NOT allowed.
  • GK has option to put ball into play without waiting for opponents to retreat.
  • With ball in possession (in hands), the GK must put ball into play by throw, roll, or pass. Doing so beyond the BOL is fine.
  • Ball is “in play” when released from GK hands
  • Putting Ball into Play from Goal Kick: Opponent Considerations
    • Opponents may cross BOL as soon as ball is kicked and clearly moves. The ball does not have to exit the penalty area.

Infraction (10U -12U)

  • Referee stops play and awards IFK to opponents at location where infraction occurred, except if it occurs within the goal area -- LOTG applies.


Referee decisions during a match are final and not subject to protests. Matters concerning player eligibility or breach of the Section 11 Guidelines are the only matters that may be brought up on a protest.


Always wishing for a smooth, event free game!

Julian Shelby

Area 11R Referee Administrator


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